Fireplaces and Chimneypieces or Mantles add beauty and elegance to any room and no Victorian, Edwardian or Federation home was without them. Imported Victorian fire grates and Hob grates were particularly common in Australia with the Scottish Foundries of Falkirk, Etna and Carron being particularly well represented. Locally Metters produced a large number of fire grates distinguished by their sunburst damper plate.


Hob Grates

Hob grates are found in Georgian and early Victorian homes, the grate being fitted completely into the flue space. Mid Victorian inserts can be found incorporating the hob style of grate into the arched fascia of the better known Victorian fire grate.


Victorian Arched Fire Grates

The most common and popular type of fireplace insert by far. The arched fireplace insert came in many sizes from 22” wide up to 38” and a great array of designs. Narrow grates were used for small rooms with the 36” & 38” normally being found in living & dining rooms. Predominately designed for use with coal many grates have suffered damage from the excessive heat caused by the higher temperatures obtained by the burning of wood in the fire basket.

The largest sizes of inserts could be fitted behind marble mantle pieces, smaller sizes are normally used with a timber surround.

Terrace house Factory carries both restored & un-restored insert grates in most sizes including the smaller sizes which are not available in reproduction.


Edwardian & Federation Tiled Inserts

Square faced with hand painted tiles and then set behind marble or ornate timber mantles, the Edwardian & Federation register added a new level of grandeur to homes built in this ebullient period.

Made with a cast iron fascia and decorative tiles down each side, Edwardian and Federation grates drew on design ideas from Victoriana, ‘Arts and Craft’ and the burgeoning Art Nouveau style. Terrace House Factory has a large range of these inserts and the decorative fire tiles.


Mantles & Mantelpieces

Kauri Pine, Australian Red Cedar Oak or Marble?
Terrace house factory carries a large range of Mantelpieces from all periods, be it elaborate Victorian with corbels or tall mirrored Federation. Simple Marble mantles where also popular in some Victorian homes, these were sometimes made from some very beautiful Australian 'marble'. Please check our product catalogue or call us with your requirements.


Fuel Stoves & Early Kooka's

Solid fuel stoves were the heart of kitchen. These stoves are becoming popular again for use in holiday homes for there excellent heating properties. Terrace House Factory currently has a good selection of solid fuel stoves in a variety of sizes.

The 'Early Kooka' is an Icon of 20th century kitchen furniture. Terrace House Factory stocks upright Kookas, side by side Kookas and period gas stoves from other manufacturers.

These stoves are available as gas & electric models.