Victorian four panel doors , Edwardian, Federation, California Bungalow, all these doors have their own unique styles. Whether a simple change of the moulding over their predecessor or a radical redistribution of the panel work, the correct type of door is one of the defining elements in a house’s style.


Victorian doors generally had four vertical panels (two in the top of the door and two below) with a ‘double ogee’ inlay moulding, a curve going in then out that ran around the edge of each panel. External doors were normally thicker than internals and could have raised panels that looked like the back of a cricket bat and a chunky ‘Bolection’ moulding created a powerful and distinctive look. Arched top panels were often used to match the window joinery.

Typically referred to as a four panel door, these doors were most commonly made from Kauri pine or similar local pines. Australian Red Cedar and Californian Redwood were also commonly used.

Lead light entry’s could be very elaborate with side lights and transom or fan lights. The more elaborate entry’s often included hand painted stained glass features.

Terrace House Factory regularly has Lead light entries in stock, please call.

Edwardian and Federation

Doors from this period could be the same as a Victorian door but with a change in the style of moulding, typically an ‘Ovolo’ moulding, a single convex curve with a flat edge top and bottom.

Panel layout began to differ in this period especially with the Federation doors often utilising 3 long panels in the bottom of the door with a single square panel in the top or two horizontal panels.

Lead lighting became very popular in this period with entry’s and windows done in matching styles.

1920s '30s '40s

The doors from the '20s to '40s maintained some of the panel layouts from the 'Ed/Fed' period but dispensed with the moulding's. These doors were often made from Redwood or Oregon timber the panels being either solid or ply.

Terrace House Factory carry's good quantities of three and four panel doors and many other door styles.

Other Door Styles

Terrace House Factory stocks a large rang of doors from all periods including,

Tall Room Divider doors in 3 & 4 leave configurations. Kauri pine & Red Cedar. Essentially a four panel door with an additional two smaller panels added at the top.

Gallery doors are popular in hallways and as back doors or in any situation where more light is required. These doors often included hand blown & etched coloured glass in each corner and moulded patterned glass for privacy. Early Victorian Gallery & French doors are easily identified by their 'Knife Edge' glazing bars as seen on the gallery door opposite.

Flush panel back doors, often found in exposed situations.

Please call if you have any specific door needs as we have more door styles than we can possibly mention.