Cast iron

Terrace House Factory has one of the largest selections of original decorative cast iron lace and columns in Sydney . For a complete run of lace to restore your balcony to its original splendor, or if you simply require one or two panels to complete a set.

Terrace House Factory is the best place to start to renovate or restore your cast iron lace.

Decorative cast iron lace work can be found on homes dating from early Victorian through to the Edwardian and Federation periods. Whether a grand mansion or a humble cottage,Cast Iron lace or ‘Sydney Lace’ as it was sometimes locally known was the preferred finishing touch for the vast majority of houses.

While cast iron lace work was imported in the earlier Victorian period, a considerable amount of cast iron lace & columns were produced by local and interstate foundries. The most popular patterns were often reproduced in unique variations by different foundries.


Veranda lace

Decorative iron panels lining the balcony or balconies in multi story terraces. Made of cast iron not wrought iron as is sometimes mistakenly believed; while hundreds of patterns exist many of the most popular are commonly in stock at Terrace House Factory. Original cast iron lace is visually heavier than aluminum reproduction lace and gives the correct appearance and finish to your renovation.

Frieze and Corner Brackets

These varied greatly in size and style depending on the grandeur of the home or the aspirations of the builder. Normally found on lower and upper stories. The corner brackets create an elegant arch for joining the frieze to columns or walls. The frieze was often of a completely different style to that of the balcony panels however some designs incorporate the same motif into both the panel & frieze.

Key Frieze

This was sometimes employed to increase the overall depth of the frieze. Cast iron Key Frieze was positioned between wooden beams with the standard frieze being fitted below.

Cast Iron Columns

Columns could be of a flat open work type similar in style to the panels or round and classically styled. Round columns could be smooth sided, fluted or wound with vine work or floral motifs. Capitals could be Corinthian, Ionian or Doric. The square section above the capital was used to receive the corner brackets of the lace frieze.

Spear Head or Palisade Fencing

Set in sandstone and mounted atop wrought iron posts, the spear head fence is an essential part of nearly every Victorian residence. Single and double rows were popular with just a hand full of spear head styles to choose from.
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Cast iron was also widely used in the manufacture of Fire grates, stoves, and door fittings. Terrace House Factory carries a wide range of all these items. Please view our Fire Places page.